Food feature: Apple, lettuce, and peanut butter and cheese sandwich

It is one of those I-should-get-myself-something-to-eat-when-I-review moments of my life. I prefer sandwiches when I get home from work and had to go straight to reading a pile of materials for school. I’m sure will feel full but not bloated that would usually result to me sleeping instead on reviewing.
Sandwiches, termed by the Wall Street Journal, as Britain’s “biggest contribution to gastronomy”, can be considered as a complete meal. Anything you put between those slices of bread can just claim any level of hunger or craving. Sandwiches are served either as hot or cold. And it definitely can reach both heights and lengths.
For this beautiful creation, the key is to play with flavor and texture. This is really special as every ingredient are very flavorful. All reach in natural oils, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


– 2 slices of wholewheat raisin bread (or wholewheat bread)
– a slice of cheese (cheddar or cream cheese)
– lettuce leaves
– thinly sliced apple wedges
– creamy peanut butter spread

What to do:
– Arrange on both slices. Serve sliced or whole.

– Place spreads on the bread first before the rest of the loose ingredients to easily manage a stack. Press it on a pan (or sandwich maker), or pop it on your oven/toaster as this is best eaten hot (imagine the cheese melted inside – covering the apples and lettuce and blending with the peanut butter).