I recently began to build an obsession on jotting my thoughts on my phone.  Much more, I would find myself busy on food and travel as well – giving me the opportunity to just articulating the experience.  Also, as a young professional in the field of development work, I would share my reflections on what I feel on what’s happening around me – expressing them in photos, sketches, or notes.  I also save both for my travels and organic products (food and body care).

Came then a time that the words ‘over-thinking’, ‘jetsetting’, and ‘organic’ would be synonymous to my name, among my friends.  Practicing these slowly became a convention of art when I began to learn the verses of photography and post-processing while combining it to the fast and accessible character of social networking sites.  I would simply find myself enjoying taking and sharing photos and some of the stories behind it or my reflections even, on a simplest detail, online.

When my friends started to notice my passion, much more on my photos, uploaded online, not only I was thankful but also, began to wonder on how to better and even master the medium.  This was answered when one of them advised me to do photoblogging or “phlogging”.  This is to put more emphasis on the pictures and share the stories behind them.  The very inspiration and the story behind it has now been translated into Boni Amici, meaning “good friends” in Latin, as the name of this phlog.

The Boni Amici serves as a sketch of thoughts, feelings, and experiences to almost anything that will be rendered by my shots.  Still a novice to the field, this phlog will follow this learning.  Photos shared on this phlog are produced through the use of either Samsung Galaxy SII; Canon Powershot G12; or Canon EOS Rebel Xsi/450D.

As a ‘toast’ to embarking to a new experience, read on and brush your sights to the features of Boni Amici!


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