Food feature: Citrus apple cucumber shake

Among the benefits of beginning the New Year is finding ways to keep up with your New Year’s resolution.  And probably like millions and millions of people in the world would desire, among those resolutions could be to lose weight and to build on better health habits.

Coming home from work and still sticking to my resolution (thankfully), I decided to blend some of the available fruits at home to prevent myself from binging on dinner.  I thought (and I think it was known), that healthily satisfying my taste buds first would help me manage my appetite.  And it did!

So I would like to share this random and surprisingly delicious fruit blend that is very easy to make and be adjusted for your preference.



  • 1 whole lemon (squeezed)
  • 1 whole apple (any variety; my favourite though is the gala apple)
  • ½ or 1 whole cucumber
  • Milk (even powdered milk would do)
  • Sugar (choose brown sugar, muscovado or coco sugar over white sugar)
  • Cold water (or crushed ice)

What to do:

  1. Simply blend everything (solids first, liquids last)
  2. Pour in glass or on your favourite cup and serve while cold

 Tip: Top the foam with muscovado or coco sugar. You can try using flavoured sugar or vanilla powder for a lemon cake effect.  And want to take it out for a picnic or partner it with your packed lunch? Pour it on a mason jar and just let it wait in the fridge. Just grab it as it is before you go.

This blend has the benefits of detoxifying functions of lemon; fat-burning qualities of the apple; and satiating effects of cucumber.  And since the strong citrus taste of lemon is combined with the mild sweetness of the apple and milk, it tasted similar to yoghurt.  Try adding those flavour options above, it can be transformed to a drinkable dessert.IMG_5237

 Hence, losing weight should not make you wary around the kitchen as if it is its fault of everything you see on the scale.  Embrace the kitchen; be your own queen (or king). The kitchen can always be your craft table for healthier options. Fill your pantry with fruits and vegetables and the rest of the ingredients will follow.

Let’s continue on sticking with that New Year’s resolution!


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