Order in Melange

Would you be able to see order in disorder; peace in chaos; in silence among the noise?  Maybe a probability of one in a million that beauty can be seen against the rubble and confusion when it is right there in front of you – bare but blank (thinking that it is just pointless).

In my young life, it has been my mission to struggle – to labor for concord despite the chances being slim.  Difficult, it truly is.  At times very painful.  In that struggle, I usually hurt myself.  When things did not go as planned, I can feel the disappointment burning my arteries and discernment.

But maybe I just need to be pointless, chaotic, and noisy and not just worry about the struggling.  Just allow things to swoosh past me at times.  Believe that there can be order in melange.


And this what this shot reminded me.  This was taken while aboard an AUV driving around Camiguin Island as part of a trip.  Before I landed on this shot, I remember being so desperate to just have a steady landscape shot as I was fascinated with the sunset and the trees, and the sea.  I told myself, it’ll eventually affect the rest of my shoot if I get stuck with this feeling.  So I just fired the rest of my shots while the drive continues.  There I saw this one shot – vivid, strong contrast, yet no balance, and even jagged.  I immediately noticed this one shot among those that are equally beautiful.  So I extracted it from my files and grazed it with my editing software. I only adjusted the exposure, white balance, and contrast.  Never I imagined that I was like gazing upon an Impressionist painting on Acrylic on canvass (or something like that).  It was different, it was beautiful.  Truly there is order in melange.  I just have to learn to let go.


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