Lighting up Office Spaces

The challenge of learning portrait and events photography is to have that skill to never missing a shot and emphasizing the feeling that it carries across the light, texture, and shadows.  A simple composition should be able to outline a life history and predict the upcoming emotions that may come beyond one frame.

In this feature, shots were a result of my brief baby-sitting with my godchild and her sister while they visited our office during our celebration of Children’s day.  I can’t help notice the playfulness and glee their actions display.  They can even be found rolling on the floor; picking-up pieces of punched-out papers; and twisting paper clips.  Being carefree synonymously taken of living with no apprehension and regret.

(no post-processing. still practicing manual focusing on subjects)

They wanted to get-hold of that piece of pineapple that their Mom was slicing as part of their lunch. (f/5.6 1/25 ISO-400 0E 55mm)

I was just thinking of what to cook for dinner while roaming around the office.  Good thing my camera was just beside me when I heard them shouting “Aaaah” in anticipation to the single slice of pineapple from their Mom.

Here is the best way to enjoy the office space. Just rolling on the floor the whole afternoon. (f/5.6 1/30 ISO-400 0E 55mm)

free tickets to their own wonderland in an A4 5-ream set box. (f/5.6 1/25 ISO-400 0E 65mm)

(f/5 1/25 ISO-400 0E 55mm)

(f/5 1/25 ISO-400 0E 74mm)

(f/5.6 1/25 ISO-400 0E 55mm)

(f/5 1/25 ISO-400 0E 55mm)

I’m imagining that he is imagining that it is a cotton candy. Such a sweet subjective interpretation. But I still suppose, his is more unique and catches a more carefree perspective. (f/4.5 1/30 ISO-400 0E 55mm)

This is my favorite shot during this memorable encounter. Nothing can be more sweeter than siblings valuing each other. Credits to their Mom for this. (f/4.5 1/30 ISO-400 0E 55mm)


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