Experimenting of what’s left in the Kitchen

In my [relatively] recent cooking experience.  It really is different when you are figuring a way of making new dishes out of any excess ingredient in the kitchen and maybe, figuring out other ones that can compliment it.  The initial plan was making a dish that hopes to extensively use as much pistachios as it can while gearing away from use of any electronic kitchen appliance or an oven for that matter. Why? Imagine yourself having at least  2 lbs of pistachios in your pantry and consuming it will be only up to one person – yourself.  This is besides the fact that the said appliances are prohibited at home for austerity purposes.

Alright then, after coming up with a list of dishes that is supposed to deal with this dilemma, I went for the ones below.  Turned out that a single ingredient, caused me to make three (3) dishes which actually did not exhaust the pistachios.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed making these especially with my brother and a friend.

(a) Grilled pistachio-crusted chicken:

– chicken breasts with skin on (our choice of chicken part)

– salt and pepper

– rosemary

– olive oil

– crushed, shelled pistachios

(b) Fussili pasta in tomato cream sauce and sundried tomatoes

– fussili pasta

– tomato sauce

– all-purpose cream

– chopped sundried tomatoes

– sausage or meat of choice

– onions and garlic

– salt and pepper

– olive oil

– fresh basil for sauce and garnish

(c) Napoleon Chicken Salad in Orange Vinaigrette

– iceberg lettuce

– cucumber

– fresh tomatoes

– orange (sectioned)

– apple chunks

– grapes

– breaded chicken

– parmesan cheese

(for the vinaigrette)

– orange juice

– olive oil

– mustard sauce

– apple cider vinegar

– salt and pepper

– honey

– organic seasoning

In the end, we must always find simple pleasures on anything. Even from a single ingredient from your pantry.

I am glad that I was able to practice food photography (another learning); enjoy three (3) dishes at once; and bond with my love ones.


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