More than Kimchi

I remember my time in Korea last November of 2011. That wonderful experience really deserves to be shared. By definition that it is wonderful, you get to enjoy the cool winds in the morning or get to see the soft light coming from a local bakery just by the corner of the street.  The test for blogging one of the most sought experience of a Hallyu audience.  There is no austerity in taking the usual scenarios into a digital monument.  Truly, a life-changing environment when capturing moments while enjoying every spectrum of it.

You can’t help but notice her focus on preparing all Korean food is famed for.

The Government of South Korea has long-put their effort in restoring the Gyeongbokgung Palace.  It was told that it is now at 40-50% restoration rate.

You will find any piece of nature as their art.

An authentic “black bean noodle” rich in seafood, rootcrops, and sesame seeds.  One will definitely go back for this.

Reconstructed omelet, rice, fries, deep-fried meat, and pickled vegetables.  An east meets west encounter.

Korea displays their very love to fancy accessories.  Shots of artists can be seen to help one see how can this be best paired into.

Vintage and antiques can be today’s art.

The tower represents the odds that can play against the surreal feel of dry leaves and bare branches.  Taken at 5:00 PM, the sun bids for another 12 hours for the city to play with the neon, coffee, and shopping.

If there is the bargain, definitely they have the high-end.  Shopping districts can always find a convenient, if not affordable, store for you.


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