Boni Amici Soft Opening: An Alternative of Bicol

The first materials that I thought of using as a soft opening of Boni Amici are my travels during the year. Among the memorable places I went to are in the Bicol Region.  Featured in these shots are some of the views from the “bangka” (boat) during the 2-hour sail from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port (Caramoan).  Caramoan is an island in Camarines Sur (also called as CamSur) and is recently being known as THE tourist destination in the Province.  And if one would like to experience clearer and bluer seas and skies, Caramoan is the place to be.

I toured Caramoan with my friends at work.  One of them, Kuya Benj, is actually a resident of Caramoan.  His mother and his sibling are the only ones left at the place.  They are known to be enterprising and “magaling makisama”.  I even remember one lady at the port, greeting us, and immediately beaming at Kuya Benj.  He is his Ninang.

So at times, he would  not only take his family but his friends at work to Caramoan as well.  We stayed at his home, served with the freshest of Blue Marlin (lang naman), while we indulged ourselves in the white sand and almost uncharted islets, and holy sites of the place.

But yes the time to get into a new destination has arrived.  We left for Sabang Port for another adventure – CWC (CamSur Watersports Complex)!

The ladies were left standing to challenge the boards (and at 7:00 PM!).  Took a couple of stomps against the water until finally making two complete rounds at the CWC water cirquit (knee boarding instead of wake boarding since we were, obviously, beginners).

And as a practice, never leave the place without their most-boasted dish.  So here it is, Laing Pizza!

For the last stop of the adventure, we attended Mass at the Penafrancia at Naga.  The place was even made more beautiful when we had to hear Mass in Bicolano since we were too pressed for time to wait for the Mass schedules in English and Tagalog.

And finally try the siopao tostado before we head to the Naga Domestic Airport.  This is also a must-try, only Php 7.00 each.

So when you get a chance to visit Bicol, explore beyond Mayon or eat anything besides Bicol express on rice.  Take the heat on the white sands of its distinctive islands and dare yourself to hop on the boards (whether knee boards or wake boards) and even amuse your taste buds.


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